Dir: Juice Design
Edited: Torsten Frank
Filmed: Various Contributors
Year: 2014

Adidas Skateboarding has proudly announced three new additions to their global team - Tyshawn Jones, Miles Silvas and Na-kel Smith.

Over the last year or so, all three skaters have regularly and persistently strived to bring footage to our screens. Miles dropped a small Berrics clip online earlier this year, alongside constantly contributing film-wise to his sponsors, most notably, SML Wheels.
More recently, Tyshawn and Na-kel can both be seen featuring in Mikey Alfred’s independent full-length, 
”Illegal Civilization 2”.

The trio combine, approaching the piece with a commendable trick selection, both varied and exceptionally executed. This is runs alongside a suitably appropriate Bill Withers soundtrack, that immediately ticks the ”watch more than once” box.

This video is a true testament to Adidas’ Skateboarding team. Now joining teammates such as Benny Fairfax, Silas Baxter Neal and Dennis Busenitz, it is clear that these three will continue to produce and excel with skateboarding, bringing us more and more visual delights as time goes by.